Digital transformation for the UK’s leading online retailer
For the past year I've been working with the Argos digital team helping to regenerate their core site components. As much of the work is still under NDA and currently in development I can only show a brief overview of some the components and areas I've been tasked with. The final products will be here as soon as they go live.




Senior Designer


Nov '16 - Dec '17


A major part of the refresh of was refocusing the browse / find-ability experience. As it stood the experience was cluttered with an inconsistent design language. Our objects from a customer point of view were:

• Help me understand & navigate the product range
• Get me to the right products faster
• Show me relevant content in context
• Give me a brilliant experience on any device or browser
• Surprise me. Inspire me. Excite me
High level ux principles
• Blend navigation and relevant content together on all viewports (and all channels as appropriate)
• Make the breadcrumb work harder
• Remove unnecessary category landing pages: show customers products, sooner
• Be smart about the content we give customers , when we give it to them & how we give it to them
design principles
To do this we stripped the canvas bare and created a more simplified experience. By creating task and message specific modules, banners and a clearer badging system users could easily understand where they were going and get there faster. We created rules about use of colour, thinned out the type rules and limited the amount of ad hoc artwork created.
argos card sign up journey
Sign up to Argos Card was experiencing a huge drop-off due to a confusing form system. This was the first projects I tackled with Argos back in Nov '16. Together with the financial services team we completely reworked the journey - redefined the interaction language and crafted a more cohesive human experience.
basket and checkout
This was a particular area of Argos that really interested me. Experience online should almost feel invisible and at no point should a user feel they're unable to follow an unnatural path. The concept of enabling a user to understand their options for delivery or collection seems simple on paper but the reality is very different. The lead UX and I wiped the slated clean and rebuilt the experience from the ground up.
PRIMARY navigation
If there was one area that hugely let down, it was the main navigation. I was desperate to get my hands on refreshing the mega nav, pull it apart and make it something that was less of an eyesore. The new version is in testing.

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