Digital transformation for an international specialist banking and asset management group 
I was invited to join Dare as Design Lead for a full overhaul of - a massive component based platform catering to site with over 3000 pages. I came onboard at the beginning of the design development stage. Prior to this the agency had embarked upon a year long research piece during which the core experience principles were evolved. This provided the design team with a foundation upon which we could developed the aesthic.




Design Lead


Jan '16 – Sept '16



example pages comprised from a variety of components

Evolving the Design Direction
Beginning with broad strokes we began to narrow and define our design fundamentals. We started to translate the Investec brand identity into an interaction language - we even went and studied zebras in order to capture the essence of their behaviour online. I know a lot about zebras now.
An atomic design approach meant that at the end of this 3 month period we had created and agreed on with the stakeholders, a robust style guide upon which we could start to deliver component designs.
After our ideation period in London, our entire experience and design team headed out to the Investec head office in Johannesburg which we would call home for the next 6 months. This made it easier for us to have constant contact and review sessions with the major stakeholders within the bank.
After a full audit of the current site, the experience design team identified 30 components and their variants that would fulfil the necessary requirements of each business speciality. Spread over 10 sprints of two weeks each both UX and UI disciplines worked in tandem to scamp component ideas before moving them into design across 3 popular breakpoints.
builing a component library





Once a design for each component had been agreed, my role expanded to overseeing implementation of the design in development. At the end of each sprint the project manager and I would present to stakeholders production ready components for review. Components would either be signed off or amends would flow into the next sprint.


form patterns

eligibility tool

market data tool

example pages comprised from a variety of components

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