KODAK alaris

Reinventing Kodak’s consumer photography app
I was invited to participate with Else on a new app for Kodak Alaris. Kodak Alaris already had an application for consumer photography. It had all the ingredients for a great product. Yet it lacked finesse in its execution.




Design Lead




home screen
Photographs from the user’s library are dynamically fed into digital mock ups to inspire them to turn memories into meaningful mementos. The camera app is accessible at any time - placed at the top right of the screen. Connect to Kiosk button automatically appears when the in-store printer is within range.
By scrolling down the page users can see a variety of premium printed products like canvases, cards, collages and photo books to choose from.
creating a picture book
Creating a photo book on phone presented a variety of challenges. We tore up what we knew and built and experience from the ground up. Users would still be arrange, edit and shoot from their device camera straight into their project. Simple touches such as having photos of book with a pair of hands gave the user a clear idea of the size of the final product.
three frame story
A unique feature that allows user to share their 'Kodak Moment' by generating a narrated storyboard straight from their phone. Users can instantly share it through their connected social media channels.
ordering and printing
Connect to the in store Kodak Kiosk when in range and print photographs directly tfrom your phone.

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