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Author of an official lucasfilm CRaft book
Needless to say - I'm a massive Star Wars nerd and through a series of serendipitous events, I managed to wrangle a publishing deal with Disney, Lucasfilm and Hachette.


Hachette, Lucasfilm, Disney


September 2017


Nov '16 - Dec '17
a bit on the side
Outside of my day job, I come home and sit at my desk for another 5 hours making stuff out of paper - that's when Pixel Dandy becomes Paper Dandy. I specialise in a craft called kirigami - cutting and folding to make architectural models. At first it was a hobby but after a while my stuff began to get a bit of attention online and became something of a second career. Since I started I've had a couple of sold out exhibitions, get invited to comic-con panels, interviewed by magazines that I've read since a teenager, get invited on TV and radio shows, I make pieces at the forefront of commercials for the likes of Samsung and had 3 books published. I'm just starting my 4th. I've even been on the Star Wars Show. 
I have a separate website for my art but below is a brief overview of my recent official Star Wars book (because I'm still rather excited about it).

sample chapter

Jedi starfighter

publisher press release
Celebrated paper artist and designer Marc Hagan-Guirey has applied his genius to the Star Wars galaxy in this book of 15 unique kirigami (cut-and-fold) ships featured in the saga's films. Ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert, each beautifully detailed model features step-by-step instructions and a template printed on cardstock—all that's needed are a utility knife, a cutting mat, and a ruler. Clear tips and guidance through the tricky stages help readers craft their own X-wing, Imperial Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon and a dozen more ships and vehicles, each accompanied by colorful and inspiring photographs of the final model on display (or ready for a jump to Hyperspace).
global release
The book has been translated into 5 different languages. Spanish, English, French, Polish, German and Japanese.
I've been on the Star Wars Show so I can die a happy man now. As part of the release of the book I've done workshops, comic con panels, radio interviews and Google Talks.
my other books
Publisher: Laurence King / September 2015

Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models
Publisher: Laurence King / July 2017
Grab a copy here!

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